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What is a House Concert?

House Concerts are our favorite way to connect with our audience. In this intimate listening room setting, (your living room, family room, deck, etc.) you and your friends gather to enjoy live original music by professional traveling musicians. It can begin with a potluck dinner or finger food or dessert before finding a comfortable place to sit for your own private concert. It’s like a party with a concert in the middle. But unlike a party, a house concert is centered around the performance. Your friends will think that you are incredibly hip for creating an amazing concert venue that doesn’t involve driving downtown, buying expensive tickets for the best seats, and possibly paying for overpriced beverages or drink minimums.

“Meet and greet” usually starts about an hour before showtime, with friends catching up, possibly sharing in a potluck dinner and, (depending on your comfort level) the beverage of their choice. Then we sit concert style for the first set, about 45 minutes or so, followed by a 20-30 minute break with more nibbles/beverages, and finish the evening with a second 45 minute set. All for a suggested donation of $10 to $15 per person (kids free). If your weekends are filled to the brim, you might consider an earlier, weeknight concert. These involve one set instead of two, with the “mingling” time after the show, which allows your friends to be home by 9:00 on a weeknight.

House Concert AR

Sound like fun? We think so, and we would love to play in YOUR living room! Really.

Roy Schneider & Kim Mayfield house concert

How do I do it?

It’s simple. You invite friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, the mailman and whoever else, to a concert at your home. (We’ll even supply you with a blank flyer for making your own special invitations.)

Find a corner or other space in your home that would work as a small stage. Round up all your chairs, and arrange them concert style. Depending on the number of guests, it may help to move stuff around a bit. Small living room? That’s okay – we love up close and cozy.

We’ve played house concerts for as few as 6 people, and as many as 75, but the average is around 25. Asking your friends to bring a dish to pass and (if you’re comfortable with it) allowing BYOB takes all the pressure off of you to provide refreshments. We carry special lighting, if needed, for that “concert stage” ambience and you will be amazed at how well your living room can transform into a concert venue!

I can't charge my friends money!

No problem! Although many house concert hosts collect the fees as guests arrive (or delegate someone else) some hosts are uncomfortable “charging” their friends, especially for a first concert. For these hosts, we suggest simply placing a basket/hat by the entry in a can’t miss location with a sign that reads:

Suggested Donation $10-$15 each
All proceeds go to the artists

Also, a mention of the donation concept, and the fact that all proceeds allow the artists to pay for gasoline, food, lodging and other expenses that come from touring for a living, should be explained before the show starts. This in combination with the presence of a donation “hat” ensures that all guests make a contribution, while allowing you to stay out of the money collection process.

Where do I sign up to host a house concert?

We’ll do our best to work your house into a tour, no matter where you live! By hosting a house concert, you are supporting the arts and helping to keep the tradition of the traveling musician alive and thriving. You’re also helping to sustain us with gas money, food, a place to sleep (if available) and most of all, the opportunity to meet and connect with our audience in a very personal way.


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