Fort Myers Library Plaza
Concert News

Songwriters on the Plaza

Looking forward to Tuesday in Fort Myers! Always fun to share a stage with the outrageously talented and charming Bill Metts… We will be three

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birthday cake
This and That

Guitar Cake for Breakfast

Guitar cake for breakfast, ladies and gentlemen. Happy Monday to you. Thanks to everyone who came last night to a lil semi-surprise gathering Kim obviously worked hard

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The Ale and the Witch
Concert News

The Ale & the Witch, St. Pete

Tomorrow in St. Petersburg, FL – Kim Mayfield and I look forward to returning to The Ale and the Witch, and for the first time featuring Thomas Callahan on bass!

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puppy and Roy Schneider stare out car window
Concert News

North Carolina Cotton Fields

New Bern, NC house concert tonight, then on to Tarboro tomorrow. St. Anne’s Chapel. Civil War era brick-and-rafter chapel with amazing acoustics and good folks

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On the Road

Road Notes

Good morning! Despite a little frantic guitar-clutching, dancing and running-about behaviour early on due to a rogue raincloud, the Reckless Saints had fun playing and swapping songs

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